Square Mile Coffee Roasters: Covid-19 Statement of Intent. 

For the safety and wellbeing of our team, customers and service providers we’re taking the following measures in line with government Covid-19 guidelines, to keep your cups full and the coffee flowing.

Essential team members:

Until government guidelines state otherwise; where possible we work remotely with only essential team members onsite.

Our team strictly adheres to the government guidelines of wearing facemasks and hand sanitising when using public transport. Where feasible, we’ve taken into account our essential teams’ travel distance as well as means of transport.

Social distancing: 

We’ve expanded work stations with distance markings applied to the floor and walls for the team to abide by.

Communal spaces such as the kitchen and meeting rooms are restricted to rotational use only. We’ve made extra eating and lounge areas available for team members to rest and relax in during their breaks while observing social distancing.

Currently, no gatherings are permitted. As a result, we conduct remote meetings.

We’ve suspended all van delivery services.

Strict sanitising policy: 

Notifications are placed throughout the building to remind team members to wash and/or sanitise their hands upon arrival, between tasks and at regular intervals throughout the day.

Task rotation involving equipment has been minimised. All shared equipment is cleaned, wiped down and sanitised both before and after use.

Visitor Protocol: 

Only essential visitors are allowed onto the premises and all business is conducted remotely. Supply deliveries, postal and courier collections are integral to our day to day business, in which case service providers are required to:

  • Stay within the designated arrival and collection areas that have been established.
  • Keep a strict 2m distance

COVID-19 Risk assessment: 

Risk assessment is carried out on a monthly basis. This includes:

  • Regular team assessment and isolation of suspected exposure or symptoms.
  • Constantly monitoring systems and protocol to ensure relevance and efficacy.
  • Cleaning checks and measures to ensure the highest level of hygiene is maintained throughout the roastery.

Do you have a question about who we are and what we do?  Perhaps the answer is here:

Do you have a webshop?
Yes!  It is here.

Do you have a retail shop?
Not at the moment, but several of our customers stock our beans and brewers for sale. Please see the list of where to try our coffee for your nearest location.

When will my order be processed and shipped?
Your order will be processed on the next roast day* from when your order is placed and shipped within 24 hours of roast. Under the current circumstances, there might be the exception of coffee roasted on a Friday, being shipped on a Monday.

*Orders placed before 8:30 am GMT+1 on business days/working days will be shipped on the same day.

When will my coffee arrive?
We use the Royal Mail 24 service for next day delivery on all our UK orders. Although we cannot guarantee next day delivery, we find the service highly reliable with delays few and far between resulting in no more than a seven working day wait.

All UK orders shipped with DPD are for next (working) day delivery. Although we cannot guarantee next day delivery, we find these usually arrive within three working days. Please note DPD does not deliver on Saturdays.

You can select between Royal Mail or DHL for International orders.

Depending on your destination, orders shipped via Royal Mail can arrive anytime between 3 working days or 3 weeks. For your convenience, we suggest you purchase tracked shipping on all international orders as we’re unable to track parcels outside of the UK.

DHL offers different services depending on your final destination. DHL Express deliveries can be expected between 3-6 working days. DHL Economy Select deliveries can be expected between 4-10 working days.

*Import taxes and customs clearance charges are not included in our shipping rates and might be an additional cost depending on your shipping destination’s taxation policies. To find out more, please contact your local customs office or visit their official website.

Shipping to Russia and the Middle East:
To ensure the safe and timely arrival of your order we offer tracked shipping. Where possible please be sure to include a P.O Box delivery address. In our experience this is the best way to comply with the strict customs and import regulations.

Why do you sell in 350g bags?
Over the years, we’ve travelled a lot and needless to say, bought a lot of coffee. Finding 250g too little to really get to know and familiarise yourself with a coffee, especially in the case of espresso, we identified the 12oz size common in the US as our ideal ratio. Not too little, not too much, we rounded it up to from 341g to 350g for an even metric.

Why do you only sell whole beans and not ground?
Once ground, coffee very quickly loses flavour and most of what we love about it. Grind- size is equally important in how your coffee extracts and tastes. To make sure you get the tastiest cup out of your preferred brew method, we ship whole beans.

Do you want to know what I thought of the coffee?
We really do! We try and brew our coffees in many different ways to see how they taste but we always want to hear what you think – good or bad – send us your feedback. We’d love to know.

Where are you and can I come and visit?
The roastery is a production location for now and not serving coffee or selling retail packs for home.  Meetings regarding wholesale or other business opportunities are by appointment only and it’s best if you get in touch by email – info@squaremilecoffee.com

Our address is Unit 13, Uplands Business Park, Blackhorse Road E17 5QJ.

Where can I drink your coffee?
We have put together a little list and map of some of the places that serve our coffee, the link is here.

What is the difference between the plan or gift subscription and the ongoing subscription?
The ongoing subscription is available in a weekly, fortnightly or monthly format and will be charged via direct debit. This will continue until you pause or cancel your subscription which can be done at any time.

The plan or gift subscription is delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly for 3, 6 or 12 months and is a one-off upfront payment.

When will my subscription coffee be dispatched?
All subscriptions are dispatched on the next Wednesday following your payment date. Orders up until midnight on Tuesday will be processed on the Wednesday. If your subscription order is placed on a Wednesday, the order will be dispatched on the following Wednesday.

Some disruption to this schedule may occur during the Christmas and New Year break.

When will I be charged for the ongoing subscription?
Your billing period starts the day you sign up and will recur every week, fortnight or month.

How can I pause or cancel my subscription?
In order to pause or cancel your ongoing subscription, you need to follow the ”˜manage my subscription’ link on your account page.

How can I change my address or card details?
By following the manage my subscription found in your confirmation email you will be able to change your card details.

If you need to change your address please send us an email to webshop@squaremilecoffee.com and we will do the rest!

Will the package fit through my letterbox?
Our retail size bags are 350 grams or 1kg which in turn limited us when designing a box and bag to fit through a letter box. Currently, our boxes do not fit through a letter box however it is something we are working on and will update you when it changes.