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It’s new Red Brick time! Firstly, we need to pay homage to the now former Red Brick blend. We had a great run with all components and were particularly impressed with both the Serrania and Wegida, we’re already hoping to secure them again next season. The Vista Alegra & Campos Altos gave great base notes, caramels and toffees, in fact the Campos is moving to the new Sweetshop as it’s big on fruits, look out for that coming up, we think you’ll really enjoy it!

Seasonality is an important aspect of our coffee offering, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you some of the most delicious coffees that we can find. Our new Red Brick contains two coffees, the Colombian Inga Aponte (60%) and Misuku from Malawi (40%).

The Inga Aponte contributes a blackcurrant flavour and a syrupy body. The Inga is grown on the slopes of the Galeras volcano, farmed from Caturra trees. The growers use holistic principles, balancing the need for farm inputs with the protection of their sacred Mother Earth. The high altitude and cool weather in the area means slow maturation as well as slow fermentation, lending a lot of texture, acidity and complexity to the cup. This is also partly attributed to the Caturra varietal, a natural mutation discovered in Brazil in the 1930’s, it has a great reputation for its cup quality and sparkling acidity. At Inga the coffee is washed, and dried on raised beds before being transported to a dry mill in Chinchina for export. We’re very excited as this is the first lot we have bought from these growers.


The second coffee in our Red Brick blend is one we have been incredible happy with this season, the Misuku Coop, and we are delighted t0 have secured an extended run of this particular lot. The Misuku has displayed complex florals, tea like body tempered with toffee and caramel notes. During the development of this coffee we were able to highlight its honey like sweetness, and bright melon acidity. If you are familiar with Misuku from our current filter offering, you’ll be pleased to know that we are running it longer due to it’s positive response and popularity!

The Misuku Coop is close to the beautiful Songwe river that separates Malawi from Tanzania to the north, sitting right in the middle of the best growing area for coffee production in the country. Nearly 1500 smallholders from surrounding villages deliver their cherries to this washing station for pulping, fermenting, washing and drying. The Misuku coop is the largest of six members of the Mzuzu growers union, who look after the dry milling and marketing of the coffee. Across steep hillsides, ridges and plateaus made up of rich, dark red clay and sandy loam soils, the growers cultivate mainly Bourbon trees. The Bourbon variety lends itself to a lovely sweetness and high cup quality.  These trees thrive in the cooler mountain climate, where they get reliable rainfall and protective cloud cover during flowering, maturation and harvesting.

This Red Brick has a honey and toffee sweetness, lots of complexity with a syrupy mouthfeel and vibrant acidity.  As always feedback is welcome, and we hope you enjoy drinking the new Red Brick as much as we do!


Red Brick


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Tom Flawith

Tom Flawith is our Head of Coffee. He has worked in coffee for many years, and you'll most likely find him either working the roaster or standing over a cupping table.

Tom Flawith

Tom Flawith is our Head of Coffee. He has worked in coffee for many years, and you'll most likely find him either working the roaster or standing over a cupping table.